International Culture Station, 24 guesthouse!

The fun and unique place, 24guesthouseHongdae, was created by Space Innovation Co. Ltd., which is consist of young and innovative group of people who currently works and have passion in the hospitality industry. 24guesthouseHongdae is a member of 24guesthouse group thathas unique concept of global guesthouse in city.

We are proud to say that with our locational benefits, situated at the lively international town ofHongdae, you can experience all of your vacation and traveling needs from shopping to diverse cuisines at trendy restaurants, and clubs for the exciting nightlife.

We also provides the most reasonable price compared to hotels in Seoul, experiences that you cannot have at other budget-hotels or inns with new decorated room, multi lingual young staff in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese for concierge purpose. In addition, 24guesthouse Hongdae is a social gathering place where youcan meet new people and make friends with variety events.

You’re visiting Korea for the first time but you’re tired of those same old vacations? We can help you with that and make you fall in love with Korea. Come and visit whether it’s a planned or spontaneous decision!You won’t regret your stay with us at 24guesthouse Hongdae.

24guesthouse Hongdae will provide exceptional customer service, allowing every customer to leave with wonderful memories of Korea.

’24guesthouse Hongdae’ provides the most reasonable price compared to hotels in Seoul.
’24guesthouse Hongdae’ is located in 6 min distance from Hongdaemetro station, 8 min from airport bus station.
’24guesthouse Hongdae’ provides service in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.
’24guesthouse Hongdae’ provides new decorated room with hot & cooling system, TV, and Wi-Fi.
’24guesthouse Hongdae’ provides using free laundry and PC.
’24guesthouse Hongdae’ provides service for cafeteria.
’24guesthouse Hongdae’ has shown in many Korean media, such as TV show (known as KBS), magazine and newspaper.
’24guesthouse Hongdae’ is a member of 24guesthouse Group by Space Innovation Co.Ltd.,
(For more information please refer to the website : www.spaceinnovation.co.kr)